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  • Litige commercial, responsabilité civile et assurances
  • Inspection professionnelle et droit professionnel
  • Pratique illégale d'une profession
  • Droit administratif et droit règlementaire
  • Droit disciplinaire, déontologie et responsabilité professionnelle

Commercial litigation, civil liability and insurance

Dubé Légal inc., commercial and civil litigation lawyers.

Our law firm provides legal advice to businesses, institutions and individuals in commercial and civil matters and offers representation to plaintiffs and defendants in commercial and civil litigation.

We provide services in many civil and commercial matters, notably:

Commercial and business litigation

Our lawyers can offer their services concerning all types of commercial and civil litigation: injunctions, manufacturer’s civil liability, breach of contract, unfair competition, recovery of debts, bankruptcy and insolvency.

Corporate law and disputes between shareholders

Our lawyers offer services concerning shareholder conflict, the oppression remedy under the Business Corporations Act, the responsibility of administrators and directors and other forms of litigation that are corporate by nature.   

Banking law litigation and hypothecary rights

Our lawyers offer services in situations concerning the calling of a loan or security, hypothecary proceedings and suretyship.

Construction law litigation

Dubé Légal inc.’s lawyers offer services in construction law, in matters dealing with legal hypothecs in favor of persons having taken part in the construction or renovation of an immovable, in proceedings initiated by unpaid distributers, in call for tenders and in latent defects.

Liability and damage insurance

Our lawyers offer services in matters regarding insurance claims, civil liability and professional liability.